How To Make Money From Blogging

  Asides blogging for fun and because you have a strong interest and passion from it, you'd also want the efforts and time you're putting into it to pay off. I mean you wouldn't wanna be working for free.
As much as you enjoy typing and sharing, a little of money coming in wouldn't hurt you and you'd be lying if you said you didn't wanna make money off blogging. It's like going to a job interview and being asked, 'Why are you coming to work for us?' duhhhh because I wanna make me some money and make a good living but you gotta be professional.
  Before I go on, I'd like to note that you CANNOT immediately start earning big bucks from blogging because I know a number of peeps who thought that they'd start making money from the first blog post. Ha..if only it was that easy honey but I know a few ways you can make a few pennies and pounds and if you wanna know how, please keep on reading.
  You should also know that not all the money a blogger makes is directly from blogging alone. A blog is basically your brand and bloggers mainly use their blogs to create springboards to launch products and services that bring in some sort of income. Whether you are a beginner blogger or you have been in the blogging game for a while, here are a few basic steps on how you can make money from your blog:
  • Display ads: they are images or graphics like billboards or magazine ads. An example of an ad network is Google Adsense (sign up Here) which is a very common monetization platform for Blogger and youtube users. To use Adsense, you need to first have a google account and then sign up on Adsense's website. There would you be able to connect your Google sites, i.e., your youtube channel and blogger site. Adsense works with companies/brands to advertise on your page or videos and the number of views and clicks leads to a certain amount of commission that you get and by the time you read a certain threshold (in the case of UK users, it is £60), you can then cash out to your bank account. Please bear in mind that you won't immediately start earning some big money unless you start getting thousands and millions of views. I didn't get my first paycheck until a year or so after signing up. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS AS GOOGLE IS MONITORING YOUR IP ADDRESS TO SEE IF YOU'RE DELIBERATELY CLICKING ON ADVERTS OR ASKING FRIENDS TO DO SO FOR YOU. If they notice anything unusual, your account will be suspended. 
  • Private ads or affiliation: another way to earn from blogging is by doing private advertisements with brands or joining affiliate programmes. There's a lot of affiliate programs and some are totally free to join. After signing up to an affiliate program, you'll be receiving unique links and codes and banners that you can use on your web page for advertisements. A blogger can contact the brand or vice versa but ensure that both parties get a clear explanation of what is expected to be done. If you're not sure what to charge a company, look around your niche and see what other fellow bloggers and influencers are charging. 
  • Contact brands/PRs for collaboration: as a blogger, you will have to make the first move sometimes. Don't wait for a company to approach you. Some brands have collaboration emails on their Instagram bio that you can contact and introduce yourself and what you do to them. It is also essential to own a media kit that highlights your services, stats, service charges, brands you've worked with, etc. You won't always get a response or a good response. Rejection is normal and that was how these top bloggers started too so don't feel bad when a brand declines your offer. Try a lot of other brands or agencies. You'll definitely bag a few collabs.
  • Use influencer marketing apps: there's a lot of influencer marketing apps out there. What they do is act like agents who connect brands and influencers for cooperation purposes. Examples are famebit, the blogger programme, Tribe, etc. (I'll be doing a post on my favourite ones soon). On some of these sites, you can only get exchanges collabs where you get products for social media posts or reviews. On the other hand, apps like Tribe and Famebit allow you to make social media or blog posts for a fee.

  • Giveaway/reviews: you can host giveaways or reviews on your website and social media. A company may supply a product to you for review purpose (download influenster ) or to be given away to one or two lucky readers. Some bloggers do charge to host giveaways in addition to the free products that they are getting but some brands think that you shouldn't get compensated for a giveaway. 
  • Sponsored post: this means that you can work with a particular company and write up an honest post about their products or services but make sure you let your readers know what your relationship is with the brand. Don't lie and don't be about the bush when doing this as it can put your readers off. Also, don't make it look too much like you're being paid to do the original. 
  • Sign up to 21buttons: 21buttons is an app where bloggers and influencers share their photos and you can click on them to shop. Whenever you post your outfit links and any of them gets purchased, you earn a certain commission on each sale made. It is a very easy and fun app to use. You don't have to do much to earn money...just post beautiful and clear photos.  DOWNLOAD THE 21BUTTONS APP HERE: CLICK HERE
  Other ways to earn money while blogging is by owning an online store where you sell your unwanted items. Check out DEPOP store on the app store. Also, you can hold webinars where you give blogging advice and tips to beginner bloggers and earn some money in the process. Ebooks are also great ways to earn some money although, they don't sell as much as they used to. 

  There are lots of ways to earn from blogging and remember that each blogger has different income streams and many top bloggers keep trying to find new ways to make money every day. Also, the best way to being monetizing is by allowing it to happen organically and monetize in a way that will suit you and your tribe, e.g., if you blog about fashion, sell fashion item or books, etc.  I hope this write up has proved useful to you and if you have other ways to make money from blogging in mind, please do not hesitate to comment below & remember to follow me on social media ( and subscribe via email for post updates. Till next time! xx


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