How to Start a Fashion Blog

   To start a fashion blog, there are some things you need to know and some steps to be taken. You need to realise that starting a blog is not easy at all; from planning to shooting, to creating a post and being consistent, it's a lot of work and you need to be patient. To start with, I'll be taking you through some points to be noted before you start blogging:

  1. BLOGGING IS NOT EASY! Like I mentioned earlier, blogging is hard and it requires a lot of time and effort. Most people think that blogging is all about writing tonnes of letters and clicking 'post'. Yea I used to think so too but that'snot true. If you really want to invest your time and effort into blogging and making something of it, you need to stay dedicated. So you know that if you have a busy schedule, you'll have to draw up a plan to work your way around it. 
  2. IT IS NOT CHEAP. Yes! Starting a fashion blog isn't cheap at all but at the same time, you need to make sure that you don't break the bank in the process. Blogging involves a lot of investment; getting the perfect outfits, camera, paying photographers(if you want to use one), owning a laptop, etc. However, there is a way you can do it to make sure that you don't spend too much, like getting clothes on discount, collaborating with photographers for free, asking friends to take pictures of you, etc. 
  3. NOT EVERYONE WILL GET IT & THAT'S OKAY. I remember when I began blogging and my mum and friends would ask me if I was okay. I mean, why would you wake up one day, dress up and take pictures to show people all over the world? Some of my friends even called it 'showing off' but I didn't bother about that because I knew what I was doing. In the end, it will all be worth it and these same people would be the ones to ask for your help or to even give them shout outs and promote their stuff LOL. 
  4. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE 'TOO MANY BLOGGERS'. What do you mean? Blogging is like owning a business. Everyone is involved and everyone does their thing, you make your money, I make mine. You have your own fan base, I have mine. Whoever is gonna support you will support you and you don't have to let the fact that there are thousands of other bloggers out there discourage you from doing your thing. 
  5. BE PATIENT. Darling, your blog is not gonna blow up overnight and you will not start making money with it immediately. I told this girl one time how to start her blog and I helped set it up. The next day, she asked me why she hasn't started making money off it 😕 Girl you probably won't make a dime until after about 6-8 months of blogging. Sometimes, you might even feel like other bloggers are making it and getting promotions while you're just there trying to pull yourself up, you might even be discouraged and want to give up (I know I did at some point). Don't give up, don't be envious, it's gonna take a while and with proper promotion and networking, you will get there. 
  6. IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT. #BEYOURSELF. Be true to yourself, be genuine and don't feel like you have to measure up to everyone else with your traffic and followers. You may not look like that top blogger or even dress like her but it's not about who has the most beautiful pieces of clothing but who is most genuine and original. Whatever you write is gonna be worth something if you write with passion and you stay authentic. Also, don't think that because everyone else is writing about LFW, you also have to. You don't. Don't be trapped in the thoughts of following the crowd and forget to focus on your thing.
  7. BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is key. If you want your readers to remain asking for more, you need to keep up with your posts. Don't post twice a month and expect people to be waiting on you.plan yourself, create a schedule. If you want to post twice/thrice a week, dedicate the few hours you'll need. Prep yourself ahead. You can even create the posts beforehand. You can, for example, dedicate Mondays for posting about lifestyle, Wednesdays for makeup and hair and Fridays for fashion. It's totally up to you. 
  • KNOW& DEFINE YOUR MISSION.  To begin blogging, you need to know and understand the kind of blogger you want to be; be it fashion, lifestyle, beauty or makeup. Do you want to blog for fun or do you want to use your blog as your brand? It's up to you to decide whether you just want blogging to be a pastime or if you want to blog about your personal style, make posts about blogging events and red carpets, you want to be doing reviews, etc. Just know that the more effort you put into it, the better result you will get. It might take one minute to read someone else's blog but remember that it must have taken the person hours to come up with it
  •  CHOOSE A NAMEOnce you have decided on what you want your blog to be about and who your target audience will be, it is time to choose a name that represents you and your brand. You can use your nickname, your own name or even a name of something or someone that inspires you. This name is what will represent you wherever and whenever. To make life easy for you, you can also use this name on all of your social media pages so that people can recognise and find you easily. This name should also be simple and easy so that people can easily search for you and they can be able to know your name off the top of their heads. Also, use a name you can get comfortable with and won't get tired of. Constant name changing can be quite a hassle and it might get your users confused. 
  • CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM. Here is the tricky but important part of starting a blog. If you want your blog to be professional and want to get readers and brands interested in your blog page, you need to make it look as user-friendly and as attractive/professional as you can. Getting your own domain (i.e., moving from"" to "") is also an excellent idea. That way, you own your name and brand. 
   You can decide to start blogging off a lot of sites but I will be talking about Blogger and WordPress. If you want simplicity and less techy-techy stuff, then, Blogger is for you. With Blogger, there are some benefits you get for free that you don't get on Wordpress, like connecting your custom domain, customising your blog's HTML, making use of really minimalistic, bespoke and premium third-party themes, etc. On Blogger, you can make money very easily by using Adsense and other third-party and the Search Engine Optimisation is great. In addition, you can customise their ready-to-use templates and you can track your traffic with google analytics.
  Wordpress on the other hand, although, free to use, requires you to pay for a lot of advanced features. Unlike Blogger, Wordpress requires you to upgrade your account (which you pay monthly for) in order to connect and run your own domain. Also, Wordpress does not allow you to run third-party affiliate adverts on your blog. Wordpress, however, has a very simple and easy theme set up and it makes it easy to connect with other bloggers. Unlike Blogger, Wordpress doesn't really allow a lot of external plug-ins for customising your bog.
  I know there's a lot more I haven't mentioned in this comparison but you can try out both and finally make a decision. What I would say is that if you are on a very strict budget and can't be bothered about all that technical stuff, go for Blogger. I've tried both multiple times but I finally decided to go for Blogger.

 Godaddy (click here to visit) is one of the cheapest hosting sites where you can get your own domain name. You can get "" sites for about £8-9 for two years. YES, you read that right and it's so easy to connect to platforms like Blogger and WordPress.To connect to Wordpress, you have to upgrade your Wordpress account to a 'pay monthly' option but that that is not so with Blogger.
 To connect to Blogger, go to SETTINGS- BASIC- PUBLISHING- BLOG ADDRESS and then enter your custom domain. Please note that you need to activate your domain on Godaddy first in order to successfully connect your domain. 

  • GET A BADASS THEME. Remember you want your page to look very professional. So, you want to make sure you use a very pretty and easy-to-use theme. You can get some for free but the best ones are paid for while some are really cheap. For Blogger users, you can search for some free premium templates that you can use. 
  • START BLOGGING. After doing all the above, you can then begin to blog about whatever it is that you've chosen to blog about. Make sure that your posts are engaging and fun to read. Don't bore out your readers by beating about the bush. Ask your readers questions to keep the conversation going and make sure your titles are very catchy. BE HIGH QUALITY. As a fashion blogger who wants to be seen and heard, you need your pictures to be of high quality, people often get put off by low grain pictures, as a matter of fact, some are only just interested in the pictures alone. Let your pictures speak for you even if you are not wearing the trendiest of clothing.
  • SHARE YOUR STUFF. Let people see you...share your stuff. don't be shy to ask people to read your posts, don't be shy to ask them for comments or ask your friends to help share your page. Remember that the more people see you, the more growth you get and be patient. People will see you. MAKE INSTAGRAM YOUR FRIEND. Make use of Instagram and other social platforms as much as you can, tag relevant pages in your posts, don't over-edit, continue to connect with other bloggers and familiarise yourself with other top bloggers, learn from them and just engage others.
  • NETWORK. As a blogger, you can't just post and sit there waiting for a miracle. Connect with other bloggers all over by joining sites like BLOGLOVIN, LOOKBOOK, CHICISIMO, etc, and make sure you are active on your social media pages. Represent your brand everywhere; tell people about your blog, don't be shy. Be confident, visit bloggers/fashion events, make friends with other like-minded people, talk about your blog, just don't be annoying about it LOL. 

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