Meet The Influencer: Sofiyat (The Odditty)

  Hey Sofiyat...AKA Sofi. She is the creator of The Odditty, a blog she started to talk about her personal life experiences and things that every other young, black woman can relate to. Sofi has always loved writing and she's refused to give in to people who constantly tell her to stop being too 'extra' or to 'act normal'. Honestly though..isn't 'normal' just very boring??
   I thought that it'd be nice to get to know more about her and pick her brain on certain topics. By the way, if you're still reluctant about starting your own blog or you're a college/uni student trying to find balance with school and blog, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more...

  • What is your name & what do you do?
    Hi, My name is Sofiyat but everyone calls me Sofi now and I am a College and Lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, Writer, and self-proclaimed odditty. 

  • Where are you from?
    I am from Lagos, Nigeria but I currently live in the US. 

  • What are your favourite stores to shop from?
    I am a college student so I love to ball on a budget. Thrifting is my go-to. I've found some amazing deals at thrift stores and I recommend people thrift all the time! Saves you money and you look... UNIQUE! Stores like Plato's Closet, Goodwill, Unique Thrift Store etc. Amazing!!

  • What is your biggest brand collaboration so far and what brands are you hoping to work with this year?
    I worked with ASOS and PALMERS through a collective called InfluenceHer under HerCampus media, so that was pretty huge especially for little odd me! I hope to work with more lifestyle brands like Fanmdjanm and UNIQLO; both have been on the very top of my list for a long time and honestly any brand that is genuine and authentic in their message. 

  • How do you normally find inspirations for your style and posts?
    Oooo this is such a great question that I legit don't have an answer to. My inspirations come in little bursts. I might be mid-sentence at my job talking to a co-worker and I would get an idea and legit have to stop the other person so I don't forget. Or, for my style, I have a saved collection on IG where I save style inspiration from greats like Asiyami Gold, Tezza, Paola of Finding Paola and many other incredible women and then I create my odd mix of styles. I will say I am also very intentional when I style myself and share a post. You can always tell that my captions really try to tell a story and that's who I am and what I enjoy.

  • We love the aesthetics of your page. Can you tell us how you plan your feed?
    I use UNUM and VSCO to edit and plan my feed. I'll also have a YT video and blog on this very soon. I will say that most of my pictures are all with my iPhone unless I tag a photog so its often easier to set a common aesthetic because of that!

  • We know that being a college student and staying consistent on social media can be quite a task. Do you mind telling us how you manage this?
    The POMODORO technique! Its been a lifesaver for me and if you've never heard about it... GOOGLE IT! 

  • How long have you been blogging/been an influencer for?
    I created my Instagram page on March 17, 2017, and my blog launched a few weeks after. Its been almost 2 years now and 6000+ family members after... it's been incredible!

  • Do you think that repeating an outfit is a fashion faux pas or not?
    Oh Lord what!! Haha! I think I have worn the same pair of jeans in all my IG photos and I don't think anyone cares. It's super unrealistic to buy new clothes every single time. I love being authentic and real so definitely not. I repeat outfits every time but the key is always rocking it like it's your first time. Plus I think the real faux pas here is not rocking an outfit in more than one way but always styling it the same way. I am sure you can style a pair of jeans in 20 different ways!

  • What advice do you have for other college students who are interested in starting a blog?
    DO IT! Like what else could you be waiting for? You don't have a camera, use your phone. You don't have any idea where to start, google- "how to start something" and I am sure something will pop up and there's your answer. You are scared? DON'T BE. If you aren't scared of your dreams, you aren't dreaming high enough. No excuses just do it. Start that blog, start that YT channel and/or start your business but remember. Start this because you're passionate about it so when the time comes when you begin to second guess yourself, your passion keeps you going. 

Remember to follow Sofiyat on Instagram: @the_odditty

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