Photo Editing Apps You need as a blogger

  As regular Instagrammers, we often love our feeds to look and feel beautiful and attractive. We take dope pictures, try out tons of editing apps to get the best-looking pictures ever and keep a consistent feel and colour on our IG page. If like me, you love trying out new things and experimenting a lot of apps, you'll know it can be quite daunting deciding on which ones we think are the best.

  However, today, whilst you're here, I'm happy to tell you that there is no need to search further as I've decided to help y'all to handpick some of the best and most popular photo editing apps out there. Get your pens and papers ready as you're about to learn some cool stuff! :D

Adobe Lightroom CC: Over the last year, Lightroom has become the insta influencer/blogger go-to app for editing photos and getting the coolest presets. It is a powerful, yet simple solution to photo editing that is suitable for both beginners and even advanced users.                                   
  I personally use for most of my pictures and I absolutely love it! On Lightroom, you are able to create your own presets if you wish or you can get some online; there are bloggers who sell their presets and you can also find some cheap ones on Etsy. You can get the Lightroom app on App store/Google play store for free and many preset out there have been designed to be mobile friendly. Meaning, you can edit and adjusts the filters to your own taste. My favourite part of using Lightroom is that you can do selective editing- where you pick a particular part of a picture you'd like to adjust. Say you want a darker background but brighter subject, all you have to do is select the part you want darker/brighter and adjust the brightness, contrast, colour, etc. This feature, however, comes with the premium pack which costs £4.49 per month.
VSCO cam: VSCO is one of the most popular photo editors. In fact, it is one of the best photo filter apps out there. Although like Lightroom, it is a free app, you may be required to pay a few pounds to be able to download some presets. This app is mostly perfect for people who love subtle, vintage looks in their photos or for photographers who love an understated look in their photography. Also, if you're one who loves flat lays, I'm happy to tell you that there are some really nice filters like the M series and A series which are just right.                                           
 On VSCO, you can adjust the strength of the filters to one that suits you and they have adjustment options like exposure, contrast, fade, etc which give you a wide range of options. For a very vintage-y or the vibe, try using the 'grain' option.
Snapseed: Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editor that has a set of basic photo editing tools like colour, exposure, cropping and sharpening. On Snapseed, you can also do selective adjustments & remove unwanted objects in the picture. I personally like to use the 'dodge and burn' tool for editing my flatlay pictures taken on a white background. What it does is whiten the background, whilst smoothening and reducing any crease or shadows from lighting. Like many other apps, Snapseed also has a lot of pre-made filters to take your photos to the next level!
Facetune 2: Facetune is one of my favourite go-to apps for editing mostly selfies or photos that need their backgrounds blurred. Also, if you want that white background effect most Instagrammers use, here's where you can find it. With the 'whiten' tool, you can reduce the bright colours and even adjust it to fit the tone that you want. Facetune 2 is also great for editing selfies; check the 'face' tool to adjust and edit. It also has other cool tools like 'backdrop', to change the backdrop of your photo, defocus for a blurred background and the adjustment tools for brightness, contrast, colour, etc. Facetune is free to download but you might need to upgrade to use certain tools.
Perfect 365: I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Perfect 365. This is the app that I love to use for my makeup pictures. Although I don't use them, there are many pre-made makeup looks, even some inspiration from professional beauty brands like nyx, ardell, YSL, etc. However, I prefer to start from scratch and add my own filters/adjustments. There is the soften tool that reduces noise and makes the photo look smoother, there are also facial adjustment tools like foundation colour, facial contouring, eye colour, lips, etc. The best part about using Perfect 365 is that you get to save your edit to reuse on another picture, rather than having to start again each time. 

Afterlight 2: Afterlight is an easy to use app although it has some comprehensive set of editing tools. On the app, you'll find some typical tools like exposure, colour, crop and sharpness. But it also has a set of advanced tools like selective colour and curve that allow you to fine-tune the tones and colours in your photos.
  There are some filters and overlays on Afterlight that are great for changing the mood in your photos and enhancing them. I personally like the dust and light streak overlays for when I want a vintage-y vibe to my picture. There are basic set filters that come ready with the app but you can add some other pones for free if you want.
  Another interesting part fo Afterlight is that it has customisable texts and artworks to add graphics to your image and also double exposure so that you can create unique blended images. Afterlight is available to download for £2.99

Enlight Photofox: If you're one that likes to get creative with your editing, Enlight is the perfect app for you. As well as the usual filters and editing tools, it has a set of artistic effects like drawing, painting, etc. Enlight has certain useful tools like 'mask', which allows you to apply effects to just a certain part of the whole image, it has double exposure for blending images together, and you can even add your photos in a collage.
For a simple editor even an artistic masterpiece, Enlight is here for you and you can download the app for £3.99 on App Store.  
  To conclude, I'd like to point out that the above-mentioned apps are great and it's one thing to tell you what to use, and it's another thing to know how to use it. Also, please understand that as much as these apps are incredible and give great results, they won't automatically make you a better photographer. Meaning that, to get a great result, you need to have good quality pictures. These apps are good for improving good and poor quality images but your photo quality depends on your photography skills and not your editing apps. Understand your phone or camera properly, get the right settings, shoot in great lighting and remember that the angles matter too.
Have fun editing and if you have some more great apps you think we should try out, please recommend them below. 


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